Quick Bites: Perella’s Ristorante

TV Maitre d’ Joe Zito visits Perella’s Ristorante in Warren to get a taste of family-style Italian cooking.
day. here’s joe zito with this week’s quick buys. >> it’s a throw back to the way great family restaurants used to be. welcome to pi red carpet ella’s restaurant in rhode island. it’s interesting, you come here because you know you’re hungry and hoitytoity don’t work here. >> we’re a family restaurant and we try to do a little bit of everything for everybody. my grandparents came to ellis island add as we were growing up, my grandfather worked, of course, and my grandma stayed home and cooked and on weekends, me made homemade sausage and cured some in the basement and some in the hat particular and my grandfather would make homemade wine. >> oh, yes. back in the day when sunday family dinner was a sacred ritual. >> they would roll the pasta out on the table, and then i actually had my grandmother’s table, she would tell the girls, when the pasta — when the pasta is thin enough, that you



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