Quick Bites: Nacho Mama’s

Our TV Maitre d’ Joe Zito has discovered a tiny place in Bristol where the recipe for food is the secret to success.
Ui.nnWe’re both hungry. Our jod tv maitre d’ joe zito haszi discovered a tiny place in bristol whereis recipe for food is the secret to success.nnSouth of the border.nnWell, our intentions were to have a marked market of — we have roger williams univeerrsity down the road, which is expanding year by year, and i just thought downtown bristol need something like this.nnAnd you have to love the name.nnIt comes fromes my friends and eye, we were out west in colorado, everybodylo would just say it’s nacho n mama’s and i came to my cousin and we decided it iwould be a great name n for a mexican burrito placeri and we’ved been spending the last two years to find a great location and finally we’rena dowwentown bristol, one buildinge up from the parade route and i’m excited about the 4th of july coming up.nnAnd what w mike hopes keeps customers parading in is thehe fresh approach to food.nnMy co



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