Quick Bites: Mariner Grille

It’s time for Quick Bites with TV Maitre d’ Joe Zito, who takes us to a hidden jewel on Point Judith Road, where he says their “Lazy Man’s” lobster is really keeping them busy.
Weekend. En for more info, gomo to i foxprovidence.co m.ro.nnIt is monday and it’sisda time for quick bites with tv maitre d ‘ joe zito. This week, you’re taking us to head out a h aidden jewel, where he says lazy man lobster is really keeping them busy. He’s mor e with joe zito.nnGreat food p fabulous mood on its menu every day of the week. Right here at a the mariner grillin in narragansett. It’s very unassuming at first glance. Wedged into a strip mall and all. That all changes when you walk in. Warm, inviting and spacious, with a great new lounge. A 4-year-old hot spot. A summer haven for tourists, and a year-round favorite with locals who kne w hall alongll whatat owners paula p valley and jeff cook would bring to the table.ri.nnFrom the restaurant tours that i’ve worked with, such as the golden lantern and red rooster over the years, besides winkler’s steakhouse, i had experience w



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