Quick Bites: Just Chillin

Just Chillin, as the phrase implies, was created as a location to come together, relax, and enjoy with us a cool Del’s lemonade or a scoop of one of our 40 flavors of award winning ice cream! We want to inspire the young and the old with a theme of America’s finest days in the 50’s but with a modern infusion of technology, color and creativity. Whether it’s our digital jukebox, our changing wall art work, or our table top board games, we will try to inspire fun and create a place to get back to the basics that our country and families were built on.nnWe will be coordinating weekly events ranging from classic cars night, DJ music and dance night, competitions like the “Bill Chill” eating competitions, karaoke, guest characters like Buzz Lightyear and Woody from Toy Story, “The Big Chiller” movie night, and local music bands. We want you to have a place that you can go and “Just Chill.”
in quick bites, q our tv maitre d’ has discovered a new restaurant which he says veally cool.ve >> here’s joe zito with this morning’s quick bites. >> the dog days of august are perfect for chilling, just us chilling is the kind of place that ameals to that a little kid in all ofll this. this ice cream dream mass openeds in may on park avenue, by a doctor and his brother elias, not far from where they grew up. it was an investment in america’s future via the v past. >> it is all about the kids and bringing families together and bringing america back to its roots. >> our family thought was to bring back america to its strongest time, its roots, the big glorious chrome vehicles, the cars, thinking of going into space, the 1950’s, bringing back b america to its roots and bringing that to the year 2010 and trying to get america back on its course. >> back to simpler time, simpler pleasures,



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