Quick Bites: Jeat?

In this morning’s Quick Bites, our TV Maitre d’ Joe Zito has discovered where food is ‘wicked’ good! Joe Zito takes us to jeat? Wicked Good RI Food located in the West Food Court at Twin River.
G over to foxprovidence.com.nnIn this morning’s quick bit, our tv maitre d’ joe zito z has discovered where food is good in the wicked good, here’s joe zito, with quick bits.nnThis early in the morning, of i have one thingne to ask? Jeet? Well, did you, you k ynow, jeet? You have to love the fame because here in rhode island that’s how we talk and here in er the foodd court, jeet indicators to rhode island food and drink. Featuring rhode island classics from dell’s to soda.nnI grew up there. T.nnThat’s cranston. You grew upew in cranston.nnRight in cranston.nnMake you feel at home. Hey, how you doing?nnNot too bad.nnThis is a great place. You don’t know how many times, bill, i’ve had h the craving for c a weiner, coffee milk, maybe a dell’s lemonad e and then i wash it all done with buddy’s marinara sauce.nnWe took.nnAll our rhode island favorite foods and the clam cakes, the somehow der



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