Quick Bites: Ichigo Ichie

TV Maitre d’ Joe Zito gives an inside look at a popular sushi restaurant.
>> in this morning’s quick bits, our tv maitre d’ has found a ndn exciting japanese restaurants.s. >> the chefs bring the meal right toteablrie. how cool is that. here’s joe zito with more.ite. >> i like to call it l japanese flare with incredible flare. the look here is stylish, trendy and since it opened in early june it’s been a feast for the eye, as well as the pallet, combing hospitality with talented chefs who are at home on stage. >> the significance of the name, ichigo ichie. >> it means one chance, one encounter, once in a lifetime experience. every single time my customer comes in, next timext they come in, it will be better an bd better. so all the experience, we add up. >> although chen grew up in hong kong, he has proven h e’s no stranger to the rhode island landscape. >> when i p iut the restaurant together, i helped an architect to help me out and he laid out a lot of stuf



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