Quick Bites: Fred & Steve’s Steakhouse

Our TV Maitre d’ touches down at a popular Twin River restaurant that he says scores big with great food and a stylish, grid-iron mood.
Our tv maitre d’ touchev s down at a popular restaurant thatau he says scores big with a stylish rhode island mood and a good g menu. .nnIf you like football and like a great steak, you’re going to love fred and steve’s steakhouse right here at twin river casino. You could say former nfl stars, fred and stefrve, areve two guys who sell the sizzle and the steak. But really a place this classy from old number 76 an neon 9.nnWe’re kind — and 99.nnWe’re kind of rough and tumble guys, we’re motorcycle riders, cigar smokers, and the fact is travel ing throughout the country and especially in the nfl and in our tv responsibilities, we’ve gone to all the best steakhouses in the country and when we start the talking about this, we said we want someplace that’s as good as anyplace in the country, we also want a place guys are comfortable, peo ple feel good d about being there and they don’t get a



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