Quick Bites Eleven Forty Nine

Quick Bites Eleven Forty Nine
southern new england dining showplace, a place you’ll want to it’s gonna be spectacular. their new restaurant– tom wright, john picerne. i don’t even know if i’m supposed to be in here, but of course, trattoria romanama and trat toria expresspr have created a culinaryar explosion in lincoln. l chef c.j. correnti of the spring house on block island joins me in the kitchenaid summertime in the courtyard terrace at pearl, and a visit to hot new enn japane se cuisinene inincoln. there’s a little nighttime nti al fresco fun at co ostantino’so’ ristorante cafe and venda ravioli, and sneak around here and see what’s up. this is gonna be a spectacular 11,000-square-foot restaurant, and a culinary showplace. of my personal favorites. >> luciano canova: i breathe this busess. that’s mys business, you know? and, uh, i work in the kitchen for almost 20 years, joe. >> there are no surprisessu at luc



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