Quick Bites: Crystal Lake Tavern

Our TV Maitre d’ Joe Zito has discovered a comfortable northern Rhode Island tavern on a golf course, and it’s open to the public. And as Joe Zito show us, a beautiful lake and pristine grounds set the perfect mood for some really good food.
Time for quick bites, our tv maitre d’ has discovered a restaurant onra a.nnCall it a burrillville tavernlv right here that you could safe is way above par. Rhode islanders love a good tip, whether in golf or food and i’ve got one for you. Private tavern at the crystalrn link golf club in burrillville. Most public courses have restaurants thatau amount to glorified snack bars, but not here. This pristine 18-hole course on beautiful crystal lake is kehome to the crystal lake tavern, and you don’t have to golf to eat here.nnDuring the season, we’reso open seven days a week, offseason o we’re open less, but we offer o everything fromyt sandwiches to steak dinners to lobster, we have specials that run seven days a week right now that you can have something differentet any time you come up. We have four function rooms here, so a lot of times y ou’ll ou drive in and you’ll see the parking lot



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