Quattro Carne Pizza

Quattro Carne Pizza
>> oh yeah, meat lovers listen up, this segment is for you, nicea is here with mage pizza in draper, today are you making what is it called, the quattro carnie. >> yeah, yeah, four meat, we’ll just dive into it, i put gloves on for right now, we’ll take them off and just kind of roll it around. we use a flat ladle on the bottom, makes it easier. >> look at your chunky sauce we are make it in house, it’s really good, good stuff, it’s not too sweet. a lot of people think that a lot of sauces these days out there are a little too sweet so we definitely like to make sure it’s not too sweet. it’s a garlic and basil and there are other fun stuff in there that makes the magic. >> i love, basil, you just said the magic word. what is the first meat. >> capcola. >> it is a seasoned ham, not spicey but a seasoned ham, i will just kind of lay these out. >> great. >> i had to peel them before hand be



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