Quality Oils And Vinegars

Quality oils and vinegars can make all the difference in meals. You’ll be able to tell the difference instantly when you’re using the right ingredients. Oro Di Oliva is here to show us some classic vinegars and oils that will make your recipes amazing.nnwww.orodioliva.com
>> welcome bang. put down the flavored ice pops, pick up the oil. jalapeno, lime, garlic. >> josh is here to tell us about the amazing products you can find at oro di oliva. and there is an oro di oliva in whitefish bay as well as wauwatosa. you’ve got will locations. i wonder if you can describe the experience of visiting one of the oro di oliva locations. >> this is a totally sensory experience. what’s in every one of these containers can be tasted as many times as you want, ranges from multiple flavors, non flavored, and we have some balsamic vinegars. we have more of this than anything else. this is an 18 year balsamic, good enough to sip. you can try them as many times as you want and we guide you in the process. >> there is a beautiful picture, almost a show room. it really feels that way when you walk in. when people come in, a lot of people will say i know a little about olive oi



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