Quality Hyundai In The Kitchen

Joe from Quality Hyundai came in to talk cars, as well as show of his recipe for escarole and beans.
>> you know how the guys at quality hyundai keep their spirits up, they count on this cooking guy, joe blichfeldt. thank you for — >> thank you for having me. >> from branford. >> usually everyone asks for royal and skipy and i’m left t. it is good to be here. >> you cook for the folks at the dealership quite often. >> what we do, is we eat a lot and we half a lot at our dealership. >> sounds like “connecticut style.” >> yes, absolutely. >> i think the customers like that when they walk in the door, hear everyone laughing, having a good time, it real lay puts them at east, and — really puts them at ease. >> what are we making today >> skerolin beans. >> is that your mom’s recipe? >> my mom and — i know they’re watching, i have to say hi to them. >> how quick is it? >> hopefully we can get this done in five minutes. >> start by adding the garlic. >> you already had the pot heating with



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