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Qdoba Commemerative T-shirts
that is the question. and welcome rosa at patrick. for those who have not enjoyed kudoba, what is it? >> it is a restaurant that serves food two in lincoln, two in sioux falls, south dakota. i brought some this morning for to you look at and smell and taste. >> you are taunting us. >> first we are looking at the quesadilla here. this is a flat tortilla that has three different kinds of cheese in here. can you put three different sauces on here the salsya, sour cream, the gawk mole. they hand-smash the guacamole. and they make fresh ingredients. they chop up the tomatoes and everything. >> yeah. then we have the chips my favorite, addictive and then have you the guacamole and the corn salsa and finally a simple of a — this is a chicken taco salad. they are very healthy, good food and civically minded. that is why we are here today. >> and you partnered with kurt savage. we know him as a



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