Q On The Riverwalk

New, international barbecue comes to the downtown area.
welcome back to&-psan antonio living. a new barbecue spot has just&-popened it’s doors in&-pthe heart of&-pdowntown inside the hyatt regency&-photel.&-pand this morning&-pwe’re showing you how some of their&-pmouth-watering welcome back to “san antonio living.” >> dishes are made! joining us with we’re going to show you the recipe for bronzino how to (braun-zee-no) arrosti make one of (a-roast-ee) is chef david their mouth-watering wirebaugh from q on the riverwalk. mouth-watering. it smells in here. >> it’s a mediternean sea bass. we’re starting off with a whole butter. >> i’m thinkiarbeque. >> so we’re not trying to compete with the texas barbeque. we have our liquor lack erred chicken that’s a skewer. and we have our ribs texas style ribs and all oour accompaniments. >> you pick a lot of lot of stuff. we have our pickled watermelon rind with our smoked



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