Pungo Strawberry

Pungo Strawberry
year for farmers in our area. especialy in virginia beach, where the signature local crop is ripe and ready! we’re talking about the one and only pungo strawberries, and here to tell us about this year’s crop and how you can enjoy it is cal schieman. the strawberry guy! (strawbery picking/farms vo) (strawberry festival file) the 28th anual pungo strawberry festival is may them to come home. >> they are lovely and beautiful and juicy and they are delicious. as chef robert told you ttis morning they areld wonderful to work with. it’s the peak of the season. now is the time to go to pung go p in virginia beach find the local strawberry grower you can find themu on the virginia beach government web ite and the department of agriculture. buy fresh buy local hampton roads buy fresh by local have the regional ones and pung go festival hasng locations of all of the strawberry farmers. >> what’s



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