Pumpkins: Fruit Or Vegetable?

We’re learning about pumpkins in the CI Kitchen.
your area. it’s a popular – – this time of year but also when you can enjoy 365 days a year. >>matt: we are talking everything pumpkin in the cikitchen today. guest chef, lisa louis shields with us. i always thought a pumpkin was a squash? >> it is like a cousin to it. is it a fruit or vegetable? >>heather: i’m going to say vegetable because it’s in a field. >>matt: i’m going with fruit because it’s on a vine. >> very good. it’s a fruit because it comes from a seed. it produces a blossom or a flower. which is pollinated and then it produces the fruit. >>matt: how long does it take to grow a pumpkin? days, but don’t quote me. >>heather: we were looking at the tips on the screen. it is a member of the gord family. the other parts are considered vegetables. what parts? lex the blossom, the seed, – – >> when they are older, they are tougher. >>matt: i’ve eaten a jack-o’-lantern before. >>hea



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