Pumpkin Risotto

We’re cooking Pumpkin Risotto.
make up lovelyel pumpkin risotto. >> we have taken the stove on the road.e we arewe here at the beautiful rhode island kitchen and bath showroom, jefferson, boulevard, in warwick and joining me today is jeff kevin goudreau a we’ll talk more about the restaurant if just a little bit. tell m e what we’re cooking here today. >> we’re doing pumpkin risotto. i found some great sugar pumpkins in the field behind my house, so i’m r it’s going tooi pair well with the great stuff mark brought. >> we’ll talk more about that later. really looks good. good comfort food. good football eating kind of food. tell me the ingredients. >> we’re going to short grain starchy rice, roasted sugarug pumpkins, i make a pure ray out of that, i toasted the pumpkin seeds from that, for a garnish, plum tomatoes, shallot, butter, salt, finish it off with a fresh f sage. so real simple. >> it sounds simple. why don’t



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