Pumpkin Reveals

Time to taste our pumpkin dishes!
guard to raise money to help fund the honor guards in central illinois. we hope you will be generous and give and we will see you back here tomorrow for that. >>heather: back in the cikitchen with our guest chef, lisa louis shields, talking everything pumpkin. can we talk about the desert now? >> yes, it’s all about the desert. >>heather: i just want to try the frosting. >> my friend connie, it’s her – -. everybody loves it. they are so good. >>matt: all right connie, hi5. >>heather: what was that? >> that was the pumpkin custard tarts. it’s a pumpkin pie inside – – >>matt: look at the way you served this. looks like you are doing catering. >> and it’s so easy. if you can’t have the little pastries, just put it in a bowl with the whipped topping. >>heather: that is so cute. too stinking cute. lisa’s recipes are on ciliving.tv right now. >>matt:



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