Pumpkin Recipes With Lisa Lewey-Shields

We’re cooking with pumpkins!
>>heather: i am back now in cikitchen with guest chef lisa louis shields talking everything comes again. >>matt: this one thing you wanted to point out. >> when you are getting a pumpkin, you want to make sure it’s solid and heavy and it has a stem. if it has a brown stem, it’s been picked a while ago. but it’s green, it’s been picked in the last couple days and it will last longer. turn it over and feel it. do youfeel something on the bottom. >>matt: a little machine. mushy. >> that means it will be gone in a couple days. >>heather: what is the key to keeping the squirrels out of them? >> you can use cayenne pepper. >>matt: my dog loves watching the squirrels eat the pumpkins. there are certain pumpkins that may be better for clicking. >> they are the littler ones, round ones, some will have a sticker that say pumpkin pie or sugar babies. >>matt: do they have a different taste? >> a dif



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