Pumpkin Pancakes

Pumpkin Pancakes
>> andy: a little breakfast in september as our focus on united market street goes to build a better breakfast. now we’re making some pumpkin pancakes. what do we do? >> we are. so i’ve got this pancake batter that we carry called kodiak cake. >> andy: kodiak cake. >> yeah. i brought in a couple different versions. one is hole grain and honey. you can pick whatever you want. it’s a high-protein version of pancake mix plus protein. what else could you ask for? >> andy: it doesn’t get any better. >> we’re going to make it even higher protein. >> andy: you’re going to add two eggs? >> two eggs, and i’m going to add instead of water, i’m going to add up a three-fourths cup milk, maybe a little more. we’re just going to whisk all that together. and then i’m just stirring it right into that mix. >> andy: okay. then i’ll mix this up, and you tell us what else we get to add to this thing. no big



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