Pumpkin Funnel Cake

Pumpkin Funnel Cake
>> pumpkin funel cake in the kitchen, we have laura here, i was just thinking, disneyland, eat your heart out, they don’t have pumpkin funel cake. >> no. >> you are showing us how to eat them. >> i know, the perfect thing to have. we’re just starting to get in the fall and i love fall, it’s like my most favorite. >> i have a pumpkin thing, i love pumpkin things anyway. so this is a pumpkin fun el cake, you can make easily, you said it is isn’t hard to do. >> it isn’t, as long as you have your oil at the right temperature. >> i saw you a bit ago with your thermometer making sure it is the perfect temperature which is what. >> 375. >> what kind of oil. >> can olda oil. >> that or– i prefer can olda oil. >> where did you get that one. >> i don’t remember, maybe on amazon. >> it is easy to put on the side and just see what your oil is.& >> yeah. >> you kept adjusting the temperature of



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