Pumpkin Cheese Ball

Pumpkin Cheese Ball
>> there has never been a cheese ball i did not want to dig into. and today’s recipe may shall gsh i’m here with kenned ra, one of our most favorite people to ?cok with, you always have the best ideas, how did you come up with this one? >> well, i love festive food, have i three little kids and the holidays are so fun for them. and as a mom i just love to make it even more fun. so i am a total fan of healthy, yummy food that is also fun and festive. >> healthy, yummy, fun and festive it sounds fabulous to me. let’s jump in. i want you to just take a look at this final product and how darn cute it is. it is a pumpkin cheese ball but it doesn’t actually have pumpkin in it. >> it doesn’t have pumpkin in it. we were actually talking about how we should try a sweet cheese ball with pumpkin and brown sugar and maybe graham crackers but today we’re making a faf ore pumpkin cheese ball t is the



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