Pumpkin Cake

We’re cooking Pumpkin Cake with Lt. Gen. Reginald Centracchio
and bought a shirt. it’s perfect. courtney, thank you tnso much. vince is making pumpkin cake in the kitchen, what’s up, pal. >> yes, we>> are, with our good friend, retired j general centracchio. what is that husband and wife fins? >> no, this is i chocolate chip cake. >> how are you doing?re d >> i’m good. >> every time i see you, you have a nice smile on your face. >> life is too short. you have to do t this, yous, have to have enjoyment, cooking is certainly part of that and o weat hope that thispe turnsth out to be something tthhat’s edible. . >> i’m sure it will, because il, imagine this is not thenohe first time hugh made it. tell us what we have as far as ingredients. >> flour, suing hard, baking powder, baking soda, eggs, oil, chocolate chips. >> got to have the chocolate chips. >> chopped ced nuts, cinnamon, nut meg, close and obviously the pumpkin pie filler.mp pi >> how is th



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