Pumpkin Bread Recipe

From the Emery family
>> welcome back to san antonio living. every year we add new friends to our “san antonio living” family and here is one new little group for you. this is dylan, our living director along with wife amanda, who is actually the executive producer of our news team, and who are these cuties. >> this is chase and avery. can you say hi? >> and they are in charge — >> baby news directors. >> and you guys are making pumpkin bread, which i have had already because you surprised us and brought some to work. >> yes. >> and dylan do you know how to cook? >> no, i just watch football. >> sounds typical. >> laura’s husband cooked. >> i’m getting called out on that. >> and are you guys going to help us make some stuff? >> okay, so how does it work? you put in the pumpkin, a regular 15-ounces can of puree and i already opened it to save time. >> thank you. >> and basically you mix up — >> i’m just grab



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