Pumpkin Bread Pudding With Chocolate

We’re cooking Warm Pumpkin Bread Pudding with Dark Chocolate, Bourbon Sauce and Pumpkin Seed Glass with Chef Chris Palios of Sophia’s Tuscan Grille.
itt goes. .>> your husband will be verybe happy. vince is in the kn itchen with my pal chris. what’s going on? >> we are eate ing fantastically in here.in chris palios is here. chris, tell everybody where you’re from. >> sophia’s tuscan grillesc in warwick. >> fantastic. we have a lot of stuff here. i’ve been heat on these t chocolate niblettes. what is this. >> we’re going to t make a dark chocolateat pumpkin breaumd pudding. >> dark chocolate pumpkin bread pudding, does itin get finally leveling better than that. >> what’s in it. >> we use portuguese dark chocolate, it crisps up advice nicelyn the oven he,e like ie i said, the crea m and milk, a little sugar, dark chocolate, butter, eggs andan pumpkin puree. ee this is a very, very simple recipe and it’s something that i want to get ontut there so people can have something other than pumpkin pie per se on the oirir halloween or thanksg



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