Pumpkin Beer

see how pumpkin beer is made at titletown
neck of the woods. take a look. >> all right. toda we’re brewing our smashing pumpkin ale for fall. and this is our mash that we’ve got started. we have in here malted barley mixed with hot water. it’s called the mash. we’re going to extract all the good stuff from the malted barley. in a couple minutes we’re going to add a bunch of purchasad pumpkin to it. it’s going to extract good orange color and flavor into it. then in a few weeks we’ll have smashing pumpkin ale. ?? >> so once the wood is done being made, we’re going to take that and pump it into our fermenter and add yeast to it which looks like this. this is like bread yeast. that is going to begin fermenting, eating the sugars, and turning them into alcohol and carbon dioxide. we call that a blow off bucket. this is acting as an air lock so nothing can go back in. that process takes about a week. then we’re going to cool it down,



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