Pulled Pork Slider

We’re cooking Pulled Pork Sliders with Chef Marty Quinn of Pineapples on the Bay at Hyatt Regency Newport.
those out.os for now, we’fore going to head td into t he kitchen. lily, there’s lots off food i’m sure already. what’s going onat today? >> i’m up. i’m up they’re saying to me. marty quinn and i are talking pork sliders. eryou start to talk about food and sitting out in the sun andun just enjoying the weather and enjoying some good food and i get very distracted. courtney, please tell p us what is sin this recipe. >> reason i made m it, it’s summertime, people are doing barbecues and also for easeas of cooking. >>>> you say ease of cooking, but you actually have to a cook it, the pork. >> yes. . it takes hours and hours, so it’s something you can cook wellca ahead of time. >> very nice. tell me some of the ingredients, because i seei them lin ted up right here. >> >> i have all thee spices, brownro sugar, dried oregano,, salt, turmeric, chilirm peppers, i’m going to use dry rub on the po



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