Pulled Pork Nacho’s W/ Sweet Baby Rays

We’re cooking Pulled Pork Nacho’s w/ Sweet Baby Rays in the kitchen with Wicked Good Bar & Grill.
head to foxprovidence.com for all the details. so if you’re going, let us know, post it on our facebook page. for now, we’re going to head into the kitchen and follow vince. what are you doing in there? >> oh, what am i always doing in here. i’m cooking and eating at the wicked good bar and grill at twin river. we have chef joe here. what nachos, but not just any nachos. >> we’re making pulled pork nachos, and we have sweet babyit shall ray’s barbecue sauce. jam. >> i notice you got that behemoth, is that all meat? >> that is our double big poppy burger, two on i don’t know rings on — onion rings on there, our rack of ribs, red sox velvet cake, willow tree chicken salad for all the rhode islandate i was. >> if i tried to eat half of this, you would need a wheelbarrow to get me out of here. >> that’s why they call it wicked good. >> we’re going to start with the nachos in the next segmen



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