Proteins That Can Help You Lose Weight

Fitness expert Lisa Lynn was back with us again to talk about two types of proteins: those that can cause weight loss, and those that can hinder it.
in health news this morning.. in efforts to lose weight many of us have heed the calls to consume more protein.. but it turns out.. the wrong type of protein could be working against you. joining us this morning to tell us why and how.. fitness expert.. lisa lynn “metabolically spiking meals”===the right amount know how much body fat you are carrying you do not want to be eating if you’re and lose body fat are, steaks, pork, hot dogs, and contains more than 5 grams of fat per serving.the top five lean/clean fat burning proteins includecomplete protein shake for weight loss-elevates your metabolism 25%egg whitesturkey breast chicken breastall white/pale fishes tuna, flounder, roughy, haddock, and tilapia) for more. log onto our website at wtnh dot com.. and click on the good morning connecticut weekend section. still



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