Prosciutto Wrapped Melon With Mojito Glaze

Prosciutto Wrapped Melon with Mojito Glaze
>> andy: chef rocky is in. we are talking different stuff, it’s all about the honey, honey, honey. >> i didn’t know it was national honey month until meaghan’s segment. >> andy: a perfect transition as we can get. >> we’ll use some of that honey in our sauce. it’s going to be a drizzle on our prosciutto-wrapped melon. we’ll this a little play. it’s a non-alcoholic version. feel free the add rum, though, don’t get me wrong, add rum if you want, but we’re going to this a mojito drizzle for our nice snack item for football season, holiday parties, things like that. >> andy: now, our good friend meaghan d.l.ier said you could turn sprite into a dish. i can’t wait to see this. >> about the happen. we’ll start with this bottle of sprite right into our saucepan. so what this does for us, obviously the lemon and lime gives us carbonation. so it gets that mojito flare if you will because of the c



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