Pronto’s Pecan Crusted Duck

We’re cooking Pronto’s Pecan Crusted Duck with Executive Chef/Proprietor James Cavanaugh.
datingin game. thank you so much. but for now, michelle is in the t kitchenhe cooking up something delicious. >> we are here with james cavanaugh, pronto restaurant and you’re here as part of newpo n restaurant week,k, making a special dish. we haven’t had duck very often, so you’re here y with piece can crusted duck. >> i’m going t o do a piece can crusted duck with bourbonou maple glaze and later,la and –ple cherry chutney that goes with i it. we have dried cherryies fromm washington, an d granny smith apples. it’s a japanese bread crumb and piece can crust, we’ecll take the duck, drop it ont to there, and, put it itn then pan and in the oven. >> duck is one of the menu items i shy away from cooking aayt home, but this looks liket a pretty tyeasy recipe. >> it really is and duck is one of the easier things to t cook, because you can pop itpo in the pan, put it in the oven, let it sick



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