Project Dinner Table

There is a new movement underway that is getting people to connect over good food, good wine and good conversation! “Project Dinner Table” is doing just that, and their event this weekend at the El Cortez Walkway is helping to benefit the Nevada Cancer Society. Project Dinner Table founder Gina Gavan spoke with Dao & Shawn about the event and opened our eyes to show what can be grown in our own backyard.
>> welcome back, everyone. a grass roots moment is underway to get people to reconnect over good food, good wine and good conversation. >> project dinner table. this weekend’s event benefits a great cause. begin in — >> gina is the founder. great to have you here. tell us how it came to be. >> thinking of how to make a bigger credi contribution, how to bring people together and build a community. let’s dp do sl cool, blend personal fashion and take it out and see how people respond. >> dao: the easiest way to bring people to get is over food. all of a sudden you have the nickname spoon bender? >> you know what? when you coordinate these things, you have to be like gumby. >> shawn: with a makes these dinners so different? >> the conversations. the people. >> shawn: people actually talk over din summer. >> i know. what a concept. >> shawn: what did this happen? i saw the old leave it to b



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