Products That Sell Well In Recessions

(WWLP) – During difficult economic times, there are some products that people apparently are unwilling to do without.
us what goods are selling at the grocery store. with better weather, the trends swing toward summeswr favorites, ice cream and beers.. but you mabuy be suuprised to hear what more and more people are putting on the dinner table. in the midst of a recession.. familes struggle to put food on the table. well that are certain brant ds you want to keep but i usually look for the generic brands big y supermarkets have come up with their own stimulus plan for shoppers. based on the economy, we’re coming up wi th a pkg for our food service department geared toward families. and some ndcustomers arent willing to give up some goods. this shopper rcaters to her hubby’s sweet tooth no matter what the cost. he’s a midnight mouse and comes down and eats ice cream, the cat likes to lick the spoon ha. heading in to hathe summer, alcohol sales are ho getting a boost. liquor sales picking up sumert uime b



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