Processed Food Expert To Speak In Austin

Dee McCaffrey to speak on processed food
3 an organic chemist – touring the country to talk about the dangers of processed food – is stopping in austin today. today.there are about three thousand different chemicals that are approved as food additives that are added to the foods that many of americans eat today. today.dee mccaffrey is the director of the center for processed-free living.the group is trying to reduce childhood and adult obesity through education.basically they want to see people eating less processed food – not just because they tend to have extra calories – but because in some lab studies they’ve been shown to have harmful effects on health.she says something added to hot dogs has been shown in tests to be responsible for childhood cancers. cancers.s these are additives that are very dangerous and very harmful and a lot of people don’t know about these diseases that are associated with the hot dogs. dogs.mccaff



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