Princess Diana’s Chef Visits Naples Hilton

Dine Like Royalty: Princess Diana’s Chef visits Naples Hilton – www.dianadresses.com / An Evening with Princess Diana‚Äôs Chef
because the royal chef mcgrady is in town. welcome to “the morning blend.” >> nice to be here. >> we are glad to have you. let me introduce you all wait from buckingham palace. this man was the man the official chef, personal chef for princess diana, for queen elizabeth. how did you get cooking for all the royals? >> i spent 11 years as personal chef to the queen at buckingham palace and four years at personal chef to princess diana. but i started by spending the night on the mau. >> what’s that? >> huge road that leads down to buckingham palace on the day of the royal weding just to catch a glim.of princess diana. i thought how cool to work there so i applied and two weeks later i got an interview and then two weeks later working at the palace. >> as princess diana rode by in her horse drawn carriage to marry prince charles, did you say hello. here’s my resume. i would love to be your p



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