Primetimes: Peach Festival Recipe Contest

Meet a local woman who is entering the Palisade Peach Festival Recipe Contest for the first time
the palisade peach festival is right around the corner…and that has many craving some sweet– peach inspired treats. this week– dixies guest is one of them. in fact…shes about to enter her first palisade peach recipe contest. raising 4 children by herself and working many jobs to do so, didnt keep donna gindro from always cooking good meals for her children, but it left little room for entering recipe contests..until now. donna: talks about family, 3 jobs, being single and raising children, etc.3 jobs, working up to three years ago, etc.statement about always taking time to cook for them. dixie: oh, she 3 didnt stop there, how about those weekly meeting breakfasts for co-workers? donna: dixie: then getting married and combining families meant big family lots of good times. donna: talks number of children, grand children, great grandchildren, etc. dixie: a few moves, continuing to wo



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