Prime Pizza Has Chicago-style Pies And A Bar

Enjoy pizza at this west Phoenix spot
shows us around the new prime pizza. >> prime pizza is a place that serves not only great pizzas, but an assortment of other things, salads, appetizers, good sandwiches, daily specials. most of the food is the type of food that you can order and share. it’s a communal type thing. first of all, pizza is what i know. my family has been in the pizza siness for years. >> my name is favio. i’m going to make a pizza margarita. >> it’s a basic tasting simple light pizza. >> we put a little bit of fresh olive oil, fresh mozzarella, fresh tomato slice, and fresh brie, and a little bit more olive oil. ready for the oven. and a little more olive oil, and our pizza is ready. there we go. >> pizza especially in these times, it’s not expensive. our specialty, our gourmet pizzas which have more of the exotic ingredients on them, and we call it your build your own section. you can do whatever you like.



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