Pretzel Crusted Crab Cake

We’re cooking Pretzel Crusted Crab Cakes with David Burke of David Burke Prime at Foxwoods.
thank you so much. we’re going from here to the kitchen and vince is theree right now. what’s up? >> i am here with david burke with david burke prime.d ri we have a bonus, wendy, come over here, wendy. shoot that, can you see s that? look at that big old steak, baby. >> yep,>> that’s about ready. >> what kind of steak is that? >> that’s a rib eye . >> beautiful. we have some other beautiful stuff over here. >> we’re going to make crab c cakes first. fi what we do is i i’ve cooked someom vegetables, onions, peppers, olds, bayy seasoning, and this is for the filling. crab meat is herecr and what weha do in the filling isil use mayonnaise and butter, you can see it’s about two tablespoons of each. there’s no flour. this is the binder. the butter being a little tastie r than the mayo, and the crab meat. cr >> that’s a goodod looking crab meat. >> this is crab meat that’s called jumbo lump.



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