Pressure Cooking BBQ Brisket

Pressure cooking BBQ brisket
love. >> i’m jenny from in jenny’s ciech chen, and today i’m going to talk about pressure cooking. i started pressure cooking about 10 years ago when i was a personal chef. in about four hours, i would go into my clients’ homes and prepare the meals. i could offer dishes like short ribs and brisket that normally take three hours to braise in the oven. i have two children, so i don’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen, and pressure cooking is a lifesaver again. today we’re making barbecue brisket. i’m heating up a tablespoon of olive oil. we take our brisket, seasoned with salt and peper, and we’re going to place it in here and brown it. you could skip the browning step and go straight to sauteeing your vegetables, but what you’ll have at the end of the browning are you will these little bits that will ad flavor to your dish. now that it’s nice and brown, i’m going to transfer it



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