Preparing For Thanksgiving

Ann and Alex Dish it out about some of the must do’s before and during Thanksgiving.
contest. >> absolutely. all right, so moving on from teachers to thanksgiving because it’s right around the corner. >> that’s right, can’t wait. >> all that good food. we want to make this as easy for you as possible so we’ve breaken — we’ve broken the whole thing down to the menus you might want and ingredients and the play-by-place so we’re — plays. and we’ll start off classic thanksgiving menus. >> we got this from “real simple” magazine and we’re sort of giving it to you. and you ever cooked a feast? >> me neither. i rely on mom but hey. the classic menu. starting with the roast turkey. savory gravy. >> savory gravy. delicious. we love gravy. >> i love gravy. i have a mushroom gravy that my mom makes. >> guilty. >> once a year. garlickic green beans. i say throw this@áy cream of mushroom soup and the onions on top, everybody loves that. >> that sounds deliciousy, garlicky green be



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