Prep N’ Pop Chopped Salad

We’re cooking Prep N’ Pop Chopped Salad with Barry Blair from Flare Restaurant and Bar.
information out there. let’s head over to thes kitchen. patrick little.tl >> barry blair, for us younger’s folks, barry b is i barry’s barry, but we couldn’t go to his club. barry, what is this invention you have here, theer prep n’ pop, this is awesome.th >> this is a tooll that my dad though t of, that i designed in the last six years, th yat i truly ly think is going to become your new best friend in the kitchen. .it makes preparing all your foods, fruits and vegetables safer, more sanitary, simple, and it’s a lot of fun. >> and it’s usedd foror tang vegetables and other things out of jars? >> yeah. >> cutting them, peeling them. >> it distances d your hand from the blade, so the inherent danger being in the kitchen, we’ve all had this happen. for instance, youns take a potato, and while you’re peeling it by hand, not only is it wet and slimy, you can scrape yourap finger, ladies, it



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