Pregame Snacks From Meijer

A big part of tailgating is the food! Shari Steinbach with Meijer has some yummy and healthy suggestions.
applauding] ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? we are tailgating in style! when it comes to tailgating fun for fall sports sherry from meijer you have come up with amazing ideas. who would have thought of a pot of chili ifite is so easy. you know? we put in some actual soy crumbles here. this is vegetarian chili. could use ground beef or turkey. we got the meijer or gnic beans an diced tomatoes. >> a little bit of dip. not touch. going to be good for everybody. i have it heating here on this little portable coleman grill which i love. it is portable. it pops open. it burns cleaner than charcoal. >> so much easier. very easy. cue take it camping or any tailgate party. what a clever idea. i love it. you got the football. >> yes. >> you have colors with the team you are voting for e or anything that you you want. we got snacks here, too. we are going with the healthy theme a little bit grown so meijer or ca



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