Pre-Party Prep Tips So You Can Party With Your Pals Poolside

Summer Entertaining Can Be A Breeze…nPre-Party Prep TipsnSo You Can Party Withyour Pals PoolsidennThey’re here! Are you ready for your guests? Summer is the official season of backyard pool parties, picnics in the park and barbeques with family and friends and entertaining outdoors can be easy and fun. You can be ready for anything and everything – whether your party has been on the calendar for months, or if guests stop by for a quick unannounced visit. With some simple planning and organization, anyone can master a fabulous relaxed summer get together.nnAs a lifestyle expert, devoted foodie and mother of two, Sissy Biggers knows a thing or two about entertaining with ease. Join Sissy for some tips on crash and burn summer entertaining!nnSissy Biggers is a nationally-recognized lifestyle and food expert, full of inspiring advice on a variety of topics ranging from family entertaining, home keeping solutions to dining on a budget. Collaborating with NBC Universal Digital Studios, Sissy created a weekly web series called A Big Life with Sissy Biggers for MSN.com where she treated viewers to quirky and upbeat segments that gave behind-the-scenes access to leading chefs, artists, entertainers and decorators. Sissy hosted one of the Food Network’s earliest successes Ready, Set, and Cook! and later became the first host of ABC’s primetime Extreme Makeover.
your guests are at the door ready to party, whether your party has been on the calendar for months or if guests stop by for an unannounced visit, our next guest says with simple planning anyone can master a fabulous, relaxed summer get together. sissy viggers joins us on the blend to help us elevate our summer entertaing. good morning, sissy. >> good morning, carley. yes, ding dong in fort myers you know no season where you’re not entertaining. >> i know, right? >> in other parts of the country we are really getting going. my first tip is is to start stocking up for everything you need for a moveable feast to take the party outdoors. you though what it starts with. it is so simple. good, plastic storage containers. i suggest you get half a dozen all the same size. this is the tip. that means they stack in your cupboard or deep drawer and all the lids will fit. >> that’s so nice. >> so as



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