Potato Salad With Fresh Herbs

We’re cooking potato salad with fresh herbs with Rhode Show viewer Allison Parker.
he’s a giant star. that shotiuld bedy pretty p cool. let’s head over to the o kitchen with op of our viewers. what — one of our viewers. we what do you have today, pat? >> >> allison, one of our “the rhode show” viewers, sd should i be scared. d. you should be scared if i’m carrying a weapon in the kitchen.kin. but just me being inst here is scary, but i’m gladla you’re here to help meto out. what have you got? >> we are doing potato salad with an herb salsa, it’s a much better variation than your traditional mayonnaise andna onions, etc.,on etc. this is fresh, it’s light. you don’tyo havone to worryti acoboutp the mayonnaise going bad. it can sit out at room temperature for extended periods of time. >> so what are the ingredients? >> we have fresh mint, fresh chives, fresh parsley, all picked from my garden. g we’ve got lemon zest and juice, potatoes, garlic, salt, and olive oil. >> ni



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