Potato Pie

lake view mansion shares recipe
how they make their pleasing potato pie. >> here at the lake view mansion we have many dishes that we serve. one of them is called our pleasing potato pie. they are duluthable, easy to make. complements the whole stay at other lake view mention bed and breakfast. first of all, we have to have our pie plate. it’s greased. we have to do our crust. part of it is the made out of hash browns. we have 2 cups we need to mix in with half a cup of cheese. half a teaspoon of salt. and we mix that together. the hash browns are thawed out. once it’s mixed, we put it in with the pie plate. and press it in. all the way up to the sides. this is our crust. now we go for the mixture. we start with 4 eggs. a cup of cheese. that’s a total of a cup and a half. we have a cup of ham. you can use cooked ham from the night before, or what works are night steaks. we prefer the ham, we have a half a can you cup o



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