Potato Ole’s

Mad Dog and Merrill make potato ole’s
you want it with your name on it. it’s going to go quick. >> a big old bake wesh wash it up, leave the skin. i’m going to take the first slice off it. we don’t need that part. what we’re loking for is slabs potatoes. slice any thickness. unless i cut myself on television i’m going to stop right there. those go in a ziploc bagy. >> a whole bunch of them. >> i’ve i. got a bunch on grill. i always put a whole bunch of lemon and lime so the potatoes don’t turn on you. >> i hate when those potatoes turn on you. >> i do, too, and ugly. >> a generous portion of oil on the top and you can marinate those for a while if you want to. today we’re going to be south of the border. we put those potatoes on the grill for five or six minutes both sides. >> nothing on them. >> nothing on them. you can see how gorgeous they brown. >> beautiful! >> so both sides. that with just a tub of sour cream. good to



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