Potato Festival Kicked Off In North Branford

French fries and exercise don’t often go together, but they did in North Branford. The town’s Potato Festival kicked off this weekend. News 8’s Marc Robbins was there and says it’s all about the fries.
french fries and exercise — a don’t often go together. but they did this weekend in north branford. the town’s potato festival kicked off thivis weekend… and as news 8’s n marc robbins tells us. r. it’s all about the fries. (35:19;10 it’s a aftern;1oon in north branford. it’s a typical town fair lots of rides and people turning out.. le but also a little different than most. a lot of competion. 35:29)(nat sound -frisbee dog)effort of our four legged friends… the fr frisbee toss and more importantly ca tch draw a crowd. (32;22:20 she’s 10 years old. she plays a lot of frisbee in the backyard. we haven’t done any competion’s with her but she loves 32:31:07)ae nd those with only two legs were running as well.. the annual nu 5k dirt road and field racroe is a ,iallyeou3 owheamofhevent.(2nt348.th , i .otheorrawl?? oho.avyodo ydot le 2426 wh l. o km lkg out th &oto ga ae e ow usually



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