Potato And Tarragon Mustard Chicken

We’re cooking Potato and Tarragon Mustard Crusted Chicken Breast, Warm Fava Bean-Carrot-Mushroom “Salad”, Baby Arugula, Truffled Sea Salt, & Green Apple Vichyssoise with Chef Michael McHugh from Julian’s.
n going to head into the kitchtoen to see what we’re making today. some long chicken dish, but it sounds reallyea good. what’s happening, lily. >> we are supposed to be having a good time right now. very good. when the camera light isig on, that means we’re live. >> i am always live. >> that’s right, you are a live. when youen guys come, tears a lot of people in theeo kitchen, there’s a lot of acoutrements. what are we making a potato mustard? d?>> we’re making a tear gone andne potato encrusted chicken,hi we’re makingma mushrooms andsh carrots, a nice white steamedte starch with h ba arugula. >> and what’s w the other stuthff you have there. >> we have truffleed sea salt, fresh ground black b pepper, lemon,n, parsley, basil,si era flavors in therein, shallots, so what i’m goingat to do is get started and sear our chicken breast. >> i tell you what, you get started on doing thaoit. by th



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