Pot Of Gold Cupcakes

st paddy’s day cupcakes
>> it’s only fitting that we do kids in the kitchen on st. pattee’s day, expwraden is back on the show and her mom sabrina. and we are decorating cupcakes, i don’t think nufer of us celebrate this holiday with our kids. >> yeah, for sure. >> it just slides right by. >> an it’s so fun. such a fun holiday. >> do you like this holiday. >> yeah. >> you are decked out in your green, i had to put sunglasses on my head to have a little green in my outfit. this is where you are take your favorite cupcake recipe or boxed cupcake but will you show us how to decorate, rit? >> uh-huh. >> what should we do first. >> so you get some frosting and you frost the cupcake like this. >> okay. >> and you have that nice prosing tip that will make it pretty on the cupcakes, what are you doing. >> are you spinning as you go. >> yeah. >> can i help you rotate or you got it. >> yeah, i got it. >> what is nice abo



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