Postcards: “Mary’s Restaurant”

This week’s Postcard from Hampton Roads is from “Mary’s” in Virginia Beach!
robie hickman of virginia beach wrote in and said she is a regular at mary’s restaurant here’s this wek’s postcard from hampton roads! your favorite places in hampton roads. i know it starts with the many. >> what is your favorite meal? >> breakfast. no question. >> you are a photographer, right? >> yes. >> is it important for you to keep your mornings free so that you can come to breakfast? >> i come here for breakfast and i get a lot of work done here. i can get my thoughts in order for the day. the setting is perfect. i bring my laptop and i make phone calls. >> why would you tell someone else to come here? >> you cannot come to virginia beach without hitting mary’s. it is just perfect. the quality, the surface. >> you are not kidding. we placed an order about five minutes ago. is that us? did you want to be on tv today? come on over. i want to see if your order is perfect. strawberri



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